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I had heard a lot about the city. Olia really loves it and had told me many stories about her home town. I also saw the reaction of Ukrainian people in the US when I told them I would be going to Lviv. There was a lot of proud in their eyes and a little nostalgia as they told me: that’s my city!

We got there yesterday morning, after taking the over night train from Kyiv. The irony is, we’re going back to Kyiv tomorrow!

Lviv is very different from the capital. I honestly loved it. I think I could just live here going from one café to the other, sipping coffee and taking strolls on the beautiful old streets with flowers the balconies.

People are also very nice, but it is quite hard to get by if you don’t speak Ukrainian. I have become completely dependant on Olia as I have only learnt a few words so far. Most important one: ya ne rozumiyo (I don’t understand).

We met today with Michelle; a young American woman who is organizing with her Crimena Tatar partner Emine a 10 day course in Crimea called The Chemistry of Tolerance. The course is intended to bring 20 or so young prospective leaders of diverse backgrounds from Ukraine and abroad for an experiential learning course on the importance or tolerance and human rights. We filmed the two young women as they were going through the program of the course and sorting out the applications they had received.

Tomorrow morning, very early morning, we will be leaving Lviv at 5am and going back to Kyiv in order to film the camp organizers and instructors as they get to know each other, go through their program and figure out logistics for the camp…

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  1. Heather says:

    The city looks amazing! I really look forward to seeing the footage you shoot. It sounds like you’re on a real adventure.

  2. Hala says:

    I’m so proud of you!!
    Keep the news coming!

  3. Lvivianyn says:

    Thats my city!
    Tse moye misto!

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