Poem to Land of Dilemmas
Jun 19, 2008 Posted in: Blog/News 0

Our video installation was exhibited this year as part of Artomatic (See previous post).

We would like to thank the wonderful people at Artomatic who worked day and night (literally) in order to make this great month long event happen.  We particularly thank Jim Tretick and Carl Cordell for all of their help and support!  Also, many thanks to all of you who came to visit the installation.

Here are some pictures from the exhibit as well as a poem that was so nicely dedicated to “Land of Dilemmas” by one of the artists at Artomatic.

Story to Land of Dilemmas

A lifetime seems a fragile thing
From which a soul suspends
The vagaries of entering
The place upon which courage depends
How sacredly to which we cling
When such a story ends

June 6, 2008 BRASH

Photos courtesy of Karin Jue.

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