Three Stories of Galicia screening at FilmFest Hamburg
Oct 1, 2010 Posted in: Blog/News, News and Events 0

Three Stories of Galicia will be screening as part of the main competition at FilmFest Hamburg on October 3rd and 5th.  We are in a last minute packing frenzy, leaving for Germany in a few hours, and of course, we are very late with everything.  But, what makes things a little better is the fact that we have just been told that “our personal assistant while we’re in Hamburg” will meet us with a car at the airport.  Wow! Welcome to the real world! You definitely don’t get used to being spoiled while making a documentary…

We will of course be updating the blog with new stories, photos and events. So stay tuned!

Two other great news: we have a brand new trailer that we invite you to check out, AND, we have been converted into entering the whole social marketing/social networking arena, so you can now also find our updates on facebook: Three Stories of Galicia.

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