An explorer in Calgary
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There is a Ukrainian saying that states that everything in the world is connected.

A few months ago, on a sunny summer afternoon, our graphic designer Cathy Wilson mentioned that her great uncle was a Canadian explorer who had discovered a lake in Canada that ended up being very famous.

A few days ago, on October 27th, we were invited to screen Three Stories of Galicia in Calgary, Canada and I was able to make the trip there. I arrived to Calgary, knowing nothing of that region except that it is the Texas of Canada and that the mountains close to the city of Calgary are quite beautiful and well worth seeing. So, from the airport, I rented a car and decided to see those mountains before it got dark.

The two main attractions in the mountains are the town of Banff and Lake Louise. I was originally thinking of just going to Banff but then at the last minute, I decided to drive 50 more kilometers and see the Lake Louise first. The more I drove, the more my idea seemed absurd as it was already starting to get dark and snowing. But I made it there. I walked quickly through a little forest and finally emerged to a breathtaking view of Lake Louise.

Wouldn’t it be funny, I thought, if that was the lake that Cathy’s uncle had discovered? And I laughed, amused by my own thought. But then, I stood speechless as I saw a memorial plaque with the name “Tom Wilson.” That was Cathy’s uncle alright.

On my way back, I stopped for a little while in the town of Banff and I asked at a small souvenir shop where the local people ate. The woman said: Oh at the Balkans. And she gave me a map. Surely enough it was a Greek restaurant that served “local food” and apparently had the best lamb in the world. It is marinated for twelve hours and then cooked for another twelve hours. I tried that lamb and I confirm that it is the best.

The screening itself was a success. I was very happy to see that people had a very positive reaction and even gave the film a standing ovation. The discussion after the screening was also very interesting and lasted for quite a long time. One person told me that he had been studying Ukrainian history all his life and after seeing the film he finally understood what had happened in Galicia during the Second World War.

I want to thank the Ukrainian-Canadian Professional and Business Association in Calgary and particularly Mr. Bohdan Romaniuk for organizing this screening and making it a success.

– Olia

Olia at Lake Louise

Arriving at the site

Tom Wilson, great uncle of Cathy Wilson, our graphic designer

The mountains around Banff

The town of Banff

The Danish Canadian Club where the screening took place

People arriving at the screening

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  1. This is amazing! I really enjoy following your adventures with screening your amazing film!

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