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Impressions from Dr. Anatole Romaniuc
Feb 21, 2011 Posted in: Share Your Story 0

“Three stories of Galicia” is a moving and inspiring film. It demonstrates that under the most extraordinary circumstances of totalitarian occupations, Nazi and Soviet, there were people – Ukrainians, Jew and Poles – who will do every thing possible, even at the risk of their lives, to save their fellow human beings. It is well known that hiding Jews during Nazi occupation was prohibited under pain of death. People of that kind may be exceptional, but they existed, as the authentic story recounted in the film proves. And there are certainly many similar cases that never have been reported. I think about my grand mother, Maryna Kolesnyk, who saved her Jewish neighbors from deportation and possibly from death. At that time we were under Romanian occupation that was less harsh than the German one but still repressive against Ukrainians and Jews. I know positively about another authentic case. It was in Przymisl, the Polish city on the border with Ukraine. I was there as clandestine student during 1943/44. I found much later that the man, professor Bohdan Zahaykevich, who gave me legal protection, had harbored a young Jewish couple in his home. I recount these and other stories in my autobiographical book, “Khronika Odnoho Zhettia: Spomyny i Rozdumy”.

History reports cases of massive conflicts, massacres, but individual cases of truly heroic, humanitarian deeds of the kind recounted in the film, “Three stories of Galicia”, are mostly ignored and unreported. Yet it is these individual stories more than any thing else that bring peoples together. Olha Onyshko and Sarah Farthat should be congratulated and encouraged to continue in this noble endeavor of bringing people together.

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