Finding Pan Mykhaylo: The Story Behind the Door
Mar 23, 2012 Posted in: Blog/News 0

In November 2011, while screening Three Stories of Galicia in Lviv, Ukraine, as part of a country-wide film tour, we set out to find the man who, for many of our viewers, had become the symbol of Galicia during the Second World War.
Several years ago, during the production of our film, we were shooting some b-roll footage in the streets of Lviv when we came across an older man, standing in a doorway, shyly peeking from behind the door. His shot became one of the most memorable images of the film and his silhouette is now associated with the name of our film.
We took advantage of us being in Lviv to find this person who had become so familiar to us and to many of you and yet whom we knew nothing about.

This is what we found.

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