Beginning of the European tour: Screening at the Jewish History Museum in Warsaw
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As the screening tour through Europe progresses, here is a short summary of the opening screening in Warsaw as told by our friend and associate producer John Kubiniec:

The Jewish History Museum in Warsaw was a great and gracious host. It opened just a couple of weeks ago, really coooooool interior with the building cut down the middle with an undulating sandstone split meant to portray the parting of the Red Sea. The whole building is encased in glass which delivers plenty of light into the gap btw the two parts of the building. The screening room was full to capacity and later became standing room only. Museum staff said it was the first event at the museum that filled up the house. The audience was mixed, lots of Polish-Ukrainians, Ukr-Ukrainians (visiting students), historians, scholars, journalists and other Ukraine followers. Most everybody stayed to meet with Olia afterwards.

The discussion was moderated by two leading Polish journalists from the leading national daily Gazeta wyborcza (Konstanty Gebert, Pawel Smolenski) and who write frequently about multiculti, inter-ethnic issues, strife, reconciliation, Balkans conflict, Middle East …. They commented at length underscoring the film’s upbeat, positive, and healing message. As a negative counter-example, they pointed out how only the day before Polish national television showed a documentary on Ukraine and the ethnic conflict during WWII, and that that film ended on the somber and bitter note of “We are never going to forget [about the Volyn massacre].” Sarah and Olia’s film was praised for showing that there are other ways to approach and treat memory and the past. The moderators, several times mentioned their regrets that Sarah was not in attendance. This was brought up in the context of the universality of the film and how it’s lessons and messages could be so easily and constructively applied to the Middle East, Africa, Asia etc.


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