Aharon Weiss

Aharon Weiss was 12 years old when the Nazis invaded Boryslav and started sending Jewish families to concentration camps. But a Ukrainian neighbor, Yulia, agreed to hide Aharon and his family from the Germans, even as her own son Yuzek joined the Nazi’s Ukrainian Police. They survived. But when the war ended, and the incoming Soviets were hunting for Nazi collaborators, Yulia asked the Weiss family for a special favor: to hide the Nazi son that would have sent them to the gas chambers.

Untold Stories

The characters in our film have such amazing stories that only a portion of what we filmed was able to fit into a 90-minute documentary. Here are some of Aharon Weiss’ untold stories.

Between the walls (Watch video)

The Weiss family built a double wall in their own house in order to hide from the Nazi raids.

The Ghetto (Watch video)

Aharon Weiss and his family are taken to the ghetto. They leave their house to their Ukrainian neighbor Yulia.

The Borscht Story (Watch Video)

Aharon Weiss tells the story of how his family received an unexpected treat while they were hiding from the Nazis.

The Ark (Watch Video)

Every summer, Aharon Weiss comes to Galicia to organize youth camps where he shares his experiences and tries to build mutual understanding between Ukrainian, Jewish and Polish students.