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We just arrived from rainy Vienna to sunny Barcelona. We are less then halfway through this European tour, having already held screenings in Warsaw, Przemysl, Krakow and Vienna and still have screenings to attend in Barcelona, Rome, Berlin, Wroclaw, Gdansk and Munich.

First, I guess I should mention who “we” are. This European tour was organized thanks to the enthusiasm “without borders” of Khrystyna Gryschchuk – a Ukrainian PhD student who studies in Warsaw and is currently completing an internship in Barcelona. … Read more

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As the screening tour through Europe progresses, here is a short summary of the opening screening in Warsaw as told by our friend and associate producer John Kubiniec:

The Jewish History Museum in Warsaw was a great and gracious host. It opened just a couple of weeks ago, really coooooool interior with the building cut down the middle with an undulating sandstone split meant to portray the parting of the Red Sea. … Read more

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On February 13, 2013, Three Stories of Galicia was featured as the opening film of the international film festival “Conflict and Reconciliation in the Central-Eastern European Cinema” in Yerevan, Armenia. This Festival aims to present to the Armenian public and particularly to the youth lessons learned from conflicts and reconciliation in Central-Eastern Europe depicted through the art of cinematography.

This is the second screening organized in Yerevan by the UN Office in Armenia with the support of many partners including the Polish and Ukrainian embassies.   … Read more

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Last night we were in New York City at the invitation of Columbia University’s Harriman Institute where we had a showing of the film.

We got to the city around lunchtime craving some varenyky (Ukrainian dumplings) and since we had some time before the screening, we went on a food-quest to the Ukrainian neighborhood and ended up at the Ukrainian East Village Restaurant. … Read more

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May 24, 2012 marked a double premiere for Three Stories of Galicia: it was the film’s first showing in the Caucasus region as well as the Russian language premiere.

The showing took place in Yerevan as part of the Polish Days in Armenia celebration. For that, the organizers chose a very a very symbolic landmark: the Paradzhanov Museum – Serhey Paradzhanov being a very famous filmmaker who was born in Georgia to Armenian parents and directed an iconic Ukrainian film: Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors. … Read more

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Strange things happen sometimes. When we first completed this film, we applied to several US-based film festivals without much success so we decided ours was just not a “festival film.” We moved on and focused on independent and community-based screenings that proved to be very popular.

And then, a few weeks ago, we received a phone call from a man named Al Milgrom who asked us to send a screener to the Minneapolis/St Paul International Film Festival.  … Read more

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In November 2011, while screening Three Stories of Galicia in Lviv, Ukraine, as part of a country-wide film tour, we set out to find the man who, for many of our viewers, had become the symbol of Galicia during the Second World War.
Several years ago, during the production of our film, we were shooting some b-roll footage in the streets of Lviv when we came across an older man, standing in a doorway, shyly peeking from behind the door. … Read more

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A series of video reports by the national Ukrainian TV “Channel 5” as part of their program “No Comment”.
(In Ukrainian)


Screening in Lviv – November 17, 2011


Screening in Chernivtsi – November 18, 2011


Screening in Odesa – November 21, 2011

 … Read more
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On January 8, 2012 our Father Bartminski was awarded the Fr. Roman Indrzejczyk award by the the Polish Council of Christians and Jews. The prize was granted for his life-long work to promote dialogue and advocate for respect, openness and tolerance between religions. Father Bartminski is the first recipient of this award that was established in memory of Father Indrzejczyk, a prominent priest who was famous for his friendly and open attitude towards all people of good will and who tragically died in the 2010 plane crash near Smolensk. … Read more

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This year has been good. Since we started with a series of public showings, we were able to premiere the film in the US  with screenings in DC, Baltimore and Bethesda, we then took the film to NYC, Toronto, Calgary, Cambridge, Chicago and a five-city tour in Ukraine. So we decided to close 2011 with one final showing in Bethesda’s Landmark Cinema where there was the largest crowd the last time around and even a sizable group of people who could not get into the sold-out showing. … Read more