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“Three stories of Galicia” is a moving and inspiring film. It demonstrates that under the most extraordinary circumstances of totalitarian occupations, Nazi and Soviet, there were people – Ukrainians, Jew and Poles – who will do every thing possible, even at the risk of their lives, to save their fellow human beings. It is well known that hiding Jews during Nazi occupation was prohibited under pain of death. … Read more

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The following is an excerpt of the real life story Anatol Dmytriuk a WWII survivor who was also helped by the most unlikely people. The author of Mr. Dmytriuk’s memoir, Dr. Gary Shiplett, generously shared with us an excerpt of the story.

“I’m free! I’m free!” That’s all I could think or feel as I breathed in deeply the fresh air of freedom. … Read more

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From 1932–33, Stalin conducted a brutal campaign to crush a resistance by Ukrainian farmers. The Russian army isolated Ukraine and cut off all food supplies and seeds. Six to nine million Ukrainians died from mass shootings by secret police execution squads and the ensuing man-made famine called the Holodomor. Huge numbers of Ukrainians were also murdered and sent to Stalin’s concentration camps during the Great Terror of 1936-38. … Read more

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Please share your story and the story of your family that took place in
Galicia/Halychyna/Galizen during or after the War. We would especially appreciate stories that show the best in human kind. If you need to share your pain, we honor it as well.

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