Stanislav Bartminski

Raised as a patriotic Pole, Stanislav Bartminski became a priest in order to save his nation from Communist rule. But when he took charge of a small parish to organize support against Soviet occupation, he encountered such sectarian hatred in his own parish that his life took another course. Since then he has made it his mission to restore the multicultural heritage of his homeland by leading a movement to restore Jewish and Ukrainian cemeteries, as well as synagogues and Ukrainian churches.

Untold Stories

The characters in our film have such amazing stories that only a portion of what we filmed was able to fit into a 90-minute documentary. Here are some of Father Stanislav Bartminski’s untold stories.

How I became a priest (Watch Video)

Father Bartminski tells the story of how he became a priest under the communist regime.

The Spring Lady (Watch Video)

Father Bartminski introduces us to Suzanna Sus who was his housekeeper for forty years.

The Polish-Ukrainian Conflict
(Watch Video)

The inhabitants of the town of Krasiczyn, Poles and Ukrainians, remember the horrific events they went through at the time of the conflict. The same events, two very different perspectives.